Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kids Book Review!

I stumbled upon a great kids gift and, after visiting with the folks at KD Novelties, I was able to do a review! This book really captured the attention of my children. In the book we chose (Where's Waldo) there was so much going on with the color and puzzles and hidden objects that it really kept my 4 year old busy, my 3 year old interested in the book and trying to find the objects with his big brother but he was really excited that his name along with his brother and a couple of friends names were in the book. Who would have thought you would pick up a book and have your own name in it?

We decided on the Where's Waldo book because my kids both really like to find hidden objects and difference in objects in pictures. This book brought about a lot of conversation, there are so many different things on each page that we were able to talk about and learn about. When looking at the page that Mount Rushmore was on, we were able to talk about last summer when we were there. I loved that this book was such a learning experience for the boys. They truly enjoyed it, we had to read it several times and look for different objects and colors, when their dad came home he got his turn to read it and search for new things!

They have several choices of books that fit several personalities, likes and age groups as well as some that are more girl themed and some that are boy themes. Books are not the only products KD Novelties have that would capture your child and be a keepsake for years to come! KD Novelties has Picture Me Books,  Personalized Music CD's, Personalized DVD's, and gift sets as well as many other things! Make sure to check out these awesome gifts and get some of your gift buying out of the way!

From a parents perspective I have to say this would be a great gift to give a kid or for a child to receive as gift. My kids loved that their names were in the book, it made them feel more a part of the adventure! The quality of this hard covered book is great and durable. This is a great product! The printing and shipping time was amazing! Thank You KD Novelties!!

Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion and I have not received any compensation to do this review!

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