Thursday, August 9, 2012

ChopSaver review-giveaway "for people with lips" a 100% natural lip moistener. I personally don't like chap stick that is really waxy or slimey feeling when you put it on. I like my chap stick to come in a tube so I don't have to use my finger to put it on. I like it to have a little flavor but not a fakey icky coat the back for your throat flavor. I don't like chap stick to have color in it because if I want color I will wear lipstick...I once got tinted chap stick and applied it in the parking lot of the store while my husband was chatting with some people he knows but I don't really know, we got in the vehicle, I looked in the mirror to see I looked like a clown it was bright white (not tint but color) and looked I stick to plain. Anyway back to Chopsaver, it fits all my wants in a chap stick.

Recently we were camping and I sunburned my lips...ding dong fault...anyway I grabbed some chap stick out of the car to find that my lips with a sunburn did NOT like it I got big blister like things on my lips...waited till they went away tried the tube of chap stick the next day....same thing big blisters. When I got home I grabbed my nice soft ChopSaver and by the next day my lips were nice and soft and back to normal!

I like that the Chopsaver which was invented by a musician here in the US and comes with SPF or in original. The light citrus fragrance is long lasting it is not gone the first time you take a drink after you put it on. Chopsaver is infused with herbs that help give great lip protection. I will not leave home with out my Chopsaver again, especially when we are going camping. Doctors and Dermatologists have been known to recommend Chopsaver to their patients so that goes to prove that it is a great product!
It is simple to purchase Chopsaver online from their webpage, or you can locate a store near you that carries Chopsaver.
Remeber Chopsaver is "for people with lips"
Disclaimer: I have recieved no monitary compensation for this review it is my opinion. This giveaway is open to US residents. This giveaway is open until 10pm MST on August 24th, the winner will be picked by and will have 24 hours to email me back with your info or I will pick another winner. GOOD LUCK

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#13 Jena Congrats!

Everyone who has been, plans to or is currently going to college knows the text books cost SO much!! helps cut down that cost especially for one of my awesome readers who will get $50 off a rental...who wouldn't like $50??
There are so many benefits to renting college books AND having them shipped to lines in the book store is the first one that comes to mind for me! FREE shipping both ways, they offer a 30 day risk free return, live customer service, save 40-90% off of book store prices, huge selection in fact this nations largest, you CAN highlight in the books and every book that is rented a donation is made to Operation Smile. The website is very easy to navigate. If you have college text books laying around go to the buy back and see if maybe they would send you a postage paid envelope and purchase your book from you! For every friend you refer who rents a book you get a reward...more money saved!
Now you are wondering what Operation Smile is, well in my opinion it is awesome!! Operation Smile is a group of caring people who help children with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities so that they don't have to live in so much pain! They have many programs to raise funds to be able to provide these children with the help and care they need. Any organization as this one is pretty cool in my books.
So here is the thing...if you, your child, your friend, your neighbor or anyone you know needs to rent a college text book sign up below and you could win a $50 coupon towards the rental. I hope you check out all of the perks (of both of these sites) and share them with your friends...lets help get the word out.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tee-Shirt Review and Giveaway!

Ordering clothes online has never really been my style. I don't like the hassle of returning items that don't fit and who knows what size something is going to be....sizes vary so much from brand to brand! Well with the size chart that NachoMama Tees offers it is simple!

This happens to be the cute shirt I selected. I thought it was pretty cute. It is found in the Cheap T-Shirts category. I know a category with this name makes you and think to yourself why waste money on it....but really they mean inexpensive T shirts! I have found nothing "cheap" about this shirt. I have washed and dried mine a few times now and had no problems with the quality of the shirt or the picture on the shirt. There has been no fading of the picture or the color of the shirt its self.

The texture of this shirt is so soft! I noticed right away that it is not a heavy material but it is not see through either! I am very satisfied with my shirt from NachoMama Tee shirts! Check out all the shirts they have to offer!! There are several categories and a Daily Deal! There are some pretty fun tees (for those of us who remember the 80's) under the 80'teeshirt tab.

The shipping service as well as customer service department are very quick! It didn't take long at all for my mailbox to be filled up with my new shirt!

Disclaimer: This is my opinion of this product and I have not been given any monetary compensation for my opinion. This Giveaway is open to all US residents and will remain open until August  10th at 10:00 pm MST. I will email the winner and give you 24 hours to email me back to claim your prize before I use to pick a new winner.

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